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Think-Fest Day

Think-fest Day is held every year in March, as an opportunity for all Year 7’s to extend on their creative and team building skills in a safe and supportive environment. Working with their Year 11 leaders (who they see weekly during Peer Support time), students were divided into four groups: Communication, Construction, Enterprise and Community. The day revolved around the students working on their different challenges.

Communication groups were required to OZtralianise a traditional Fairy Tale by resetting it into a typical Australian scene. Students wrote a script, created costumes and practised their play before presenting it to their peers.

Construction teams were challenged to develop a scale model of a Family Fun Park for ALL the family, by representing 3+ generations.  Discussions revolving around their favourite rides and including all generations formed the basis for some very impressive creations.

Enterprise groups were given wire coat hangers and asked to invent 3 – 4 new, special purpose products. These products needed a name and had to be marketed to 3 – 4 different buyer – groups. Ideas came from far and wide as it was pleasing to see that no group invented the same product.

Family Day celebrations were on the agenda for the Community group. Students had to create a family tradition, plan a ‘Save the Family’ campaign modelling a family house for 3 generations and creating a Family Anthem or Game.

Think-fest Day ended with a ceremony where students shared their creations with one another and received a certificate of participation. Year 11 leaders were not left out, as they received a certificate of excellence in Leadership. The day was successful in encouraging students to think outside of the square and to take safe risks while still working with their strengths. It’s one of the ways in which students are encouraged to take their learning beyond the classroom.

Think-Fest Day

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