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Term 4 Update

Dear parents/guardians,
On behalf of Rosehill Secondary College, I want to say a big thank you to all our students, parents and guardians for your continued support throughout this year. I know remote learning has not always been easy, but through our collective efforts, our students have continued to make valuable progress in their learning. You can be confident that our school will support any student who has fallen behind to catch up.
Term 4 is important for every Victorian student, and our teachers will strive to deliver high-quality learning for everyone. Whether we’re teaching remotely or face-to-face, our focus for Term 4 is on making sure that every student is supported in their wellbeing, learning and transition needs.
The Victorian Government has outlined the staged return to on-site schooling for all students as part of its gradual roadmap towards reopening.
Term 4 on-site schooling arrangements for students
Following advice of the Victorian Chief Health Officer, the Victorian Government has released a staged approach for students to return to on-site schooling.
The purpose of the plan is to get students back in the classroom as soon and as safely as possible without putting at risk all that has been achieved through the period of restrictions to reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).
The following arrangements apply:
From 12 October (second week of Term 4)

  • Students in Year 7 will return to on-site schooling.
  • Students in Year 11 and 12 (and Year 10 students undertaking VCE studies) will attend on-site schooling
  • The existing remote learning program will not continue for these year levels and all students will be expected to be learning from school.
  • school buses will run as normal
  • on-site lessons will convert back to 75min
  • remote learning will continue for all students in Year 8 to Year 10
  • on-site supervision will remain available for students in Year 8 to Year 10 who are the children of permitted workers and vulnerable students.

From 26 October (fourth week of Term 4)

  • Students in Year 8 to Year 10 will return to on-site schooling. The existing remote learning program will not continue for these year levels and all students will be expected to be learning from school.

Health and safety measures
The Term 3 remote and flexible learning arrangements were put in place to significantly reduce the movement of more than one million students and their families across Victoria, to help slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Thanks to you and your family for contributing to this on behalf of our school community.
As on-site schooling resumes, we will continue to have in place strong measures to protect the health and safety of students, staff, families and the community. This includes restricting parent access to school grounds and continued emphasis on hand hygiene, increased ventilation, enhanced day cleaning of high touch areas, compulsory face masks for all students and staff (when not teaching), visible signage and physical distancing where possible. In addition, all staff have or will complete a training module on Infection Control and Protection. As health advice is regularly updated and reviewed the latest advice stipulates that temperature checks are no longer required.
Please give particular attention to reducing the risks associated with congregation at school gates, not parking in the school ground and taking steps to contribute to physical distancing within the school.
Whether your child is, or children are, returning to face-to-face learning or will be continuing with remote learning for a short period, please be assured we will be focused on three key priorities in Term 4:
Mental health and wellbeing 
Our highest priority will be the wellbeing, particularly the mental health, of every student and member of staff. This means effectively mobilising all available resources to support our most vulnerable students and enabling staff to access the relevant support services. I take this opportunity to introduce Caitlin, a welcome addition to our student welfare team. Caitlin is a social worker and commenced with us on Monday, October 5.
Learning and excellence
Some of our students have thrived in the remote and flexible learning environment, others have maintained their learning progress, and some have fallen behind, despite their best efforts and those of their families and teachers. Our priority will be supporting both those who need it to catch up and those who have progressed to continue to extend their learning.
We will make every effort to ensure successful transitions for children moving from Grade 6 into Year 7, and most importantly support the Year 12s moving into further education and training. We are working very hard to ensure all Year 12 students access the Consideration for Educational Disadvantage (CED) which is available this year.
We know some families may be worried that their child may have to repeat a year due to the disruptions of coronavirus (COVID-19). There is little evidence to support the benefits of repeating a year to catch up. Instead, schools will use teaching strategies that draw on the best evidence available to help students meet their learning needs. 
Parents, guardians and families can be confident that the best option for almost every child is to stay with their peer group.
Our school, working with you, has shown it can be flexible and adaptable in responding to the challenges of coronavirus (COVID-19) and will continue to meet student needs as we look towards the end of the 2020 school year and ahead to 2021.

Kind regards,
Arthur Soumalias

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