7-10 Assessment

At Years 7-10 students will be assessed according to Australian Curriculum/Victorian Essential Learning Standards. The Learning Outcomes are organised into levels, which correspond to Year levels of schooling.

VicVELS Level 7 – Year 7
VicVELS Level 8 – Year 8
VicVELS Level 9 – Year 9
VicVELS Level 10 – Year 10

All students will be graded for a range of school assessed coursework (SAC) including end of semester exams at Year 9 for CORE subjects only and ALL subjects at Year 10. These will be recorded using the following grading.

  • A+ 
  • A
  • B+ 
  • B
  • C+ 
  • C
  • D+
  • D
  • N
  • DNP– Not Assessed due to reasons identified by the college

Extensions (Years 7-10)

As is the case in VCE, a student requiring an extension for a piece of work must observe a formal process. If a student realises before the due date that he/she will not be able to complete a work requirement he/she will need to:

1. Inform the subject teacher
2. Request an extension from the teacher (2 extensions per unit will be permitted).

This extension is to be written in the student’s diary and signed by both the teacher and parent. The extension may not be requested the day the work is due. An extension will normally be for a 2-3 day period, except if circumstances require longer.

Special arrangements are available for students who have been unable to complete a SAC due to prolonged illness or circumstances known to the College.

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