At Year 11 students will be assessed via a series of outcomes determined by the VCAA using either an S (Satisfactory) or N (Not Satisfactory). They will also have the level of achievement recorded through a series of SAC’s (School Assessed Coursework) using the scale A – UG. These SAC’s will be decided by the KLA  and will include the mid and end of year exam.

All students must be reported against the Assessment Tasks with an A – UG rating.
A – 100- 85

B – 84 – 75

C – 74 – 60

D – 59 -50
E- 49 – 40
UG – below 40

At Year 12 through a series of outcomes using either S (Satisfactory) or N (Not Satisfactory) student’s level of success for each unit undertaken will be reported.

All students must be reported against Work Habits – Excellent, Good, Satisfactory or Not Satisfactory

At Year 12 no other assessment is permitted to be reported by the school.




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