At Rosehill Secondary College, the Mathematics team offers an engaging and inclusive course of Mathematics to all of our students.

In years 7 and 8, as well as participating in standard Mathematics classes, students have an additional subject, Enhanced Numeracy.  This subject is used to target the Numeracy needs of students and to expand the development of their Numeracy skills as they progress through the school.

In year 10 an elective entitled Trigonometry and Calculus is offered to students to help to prepare them for VCE.  In addition to VCE the school also offers VCAL subjects, including numeracy, which relate to work skills.

University Mathematics is offered in year 12 to students who have really excelled in Mathematics during their time at the school.  This is in addition to their VCE studies.  Successful completion of this course allows students to receive ‘credits’ for their first year at university.

During year 10, all students take an aptitude test. This assists with deciding which Mathematics subject to study in year 11.   The result of this aptitude test and normal regular  assessments are used to determine the VCE Mathematics subject to be studied in year 11.  This process is part of the overall careers counselling that takes place in year 10.


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