The Arts

Visual Arts

The aim of the Visual Arts Faculty is to provide students with a comprehensive and versatile program of teaching Art, Visual Communication, Media and ICT. Teachers provide an engaging curriculum and learning environment that focuses on the needs and creative interests of our students.

Students are actively encouraged to achieve at a high level both creatively and academically within all facets of the Visual Arts program, including research, written work and practical workshops.

Excursions are undertaken across year levels to enhance the learning outcomes for students, and expose students to a variety of art forms.

At Rosehill, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of Visual Art electives, including painting, drawing, sculpture, print making, creative graphics, computer graphics and media studies. We offer a range of introductory units, as well as advanced units for students requiring extension.

Visual Communication, Media, Art and Studio Arts are all offered at VCE level. Students are welcome to select individual units of study or a mix, according to their individual needs. Our VCE program aims to achieve not only excellent results, but also support students with folio development in preparation for careers in Architecture, Fine Art, Illustration, Communication Design, Multimedia, Fashion and Industrial Design.

Performing Arts

During the year the Performing Arts team give the students several opportunities to develop their performance skills.  Class work is shared at Dance, Music and Drama showcases throughout the year and students are chosen to perform at Open Evening, Mini Open Days and the Awards Evening. The Music department have several bands rehearsing throughout the year and perform in concert.

Every year either a dance cabaret or a whole school musical is produced, involving up to two hundred students.

Classroom Music

Rosehill Secondary College offers semester based electives in Classroom Music from years 7-10. Students are involved in both the theory and practical components of the subject as well as gaining an insight into the History of Music through a variety of Styles. Performance is fundamental to the Music program and complementing the subject are weekly instrumental lessons from highly professional music instructors. Students participate in an end of semester evening concert to celebrate their musical achievements in both solo and group performances. ICT is incorporated into the music program by using Music programs for compositional works.

Music Performance Units 1 – 4 and Music Investigations are offered to VCE students at Rosehill Secondary College. Students focus on either solo or group performance and spend the two years becoming proficient on their chosen instrument, preparing for their final Unit 4 practical assessments. Students perform in a variety of genres to meet the VCAA requirements as well as review and extend their theory and aural skills from previous years.

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