Selection Criteria

Students whose families wish them to enter the Selective Talent Enrichment Program (S.T.E.P) will be required to participate in a selection process:

•    A test evaluating the students’ ability in English and Mathematics;
•    References from the student’s Primary School;
•    A learning portfolio;
•    An interview at Rosehill Secondary College.

Student Selection Process

Students will be selected on merit determined by the following measures:

• Response to the selection criteria via application form;
• References from the student’s primary school teacher;
• Apittude tests conducted by the college;
• Personal interview.

Parents will play an important role in the S.T.E.P. The program does not require that parents have teaching or computing skills but it does require that parents are committed to actively participating in the learning of their children. Parents will need to provide internet access at home.

All students enrolled in the S.T.E.P will be required to pay a $130 participation levy.

The S.T.E.P is an integral part of the College operations and subject to the general school rules and policies.

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