Year 7 Transition

A range of initiatives have been put in place for Year 6 students before they start at the college to ensure that our new students feel happy, confident and organised as they make the transition from primary to secondary education. The transition team, comprising of the Year 7 Coordinator, Assistant Year 7 Coordinator and the Head of Junior School (Year 7-9), work together to ensure that our students are equipped with the tools and knowledge to achieve success through learning from the very beginning of their time with us at Rosehill Secondary College.

Testing & Year 6-7 Information Night – (Term 3 prior to starting at Rosehill)

The information evening program is intended to provide new parents and students with the opportunity to the meet the college Principals and Coordinators and to familiarise themselves with the operations of the school. The curriculum structure and course selection processes will be explained along with some of the college policies and procedures relevant to the students’ future education. The orientation process and key dates of our orientation program will also be advised as well as information about the Year 7 Transition Camp. Testing will commence before the information evening. Our incoming students will complete two PAT tests- literacy and numeracy. The data that we obtain from these test results is used by our teachers and the college to inform teaching and pedagogical practices for the forthcoming year.

Transition Visits

During Term 4, and before Orientation Day, a staff member from Rosehill Secondary College will visit your child’s primary school and meet with both the student and a primary school representative. The purpose of this visit is to provide the student with the necessary information that they will need to know in preparation for Orientation Day. It is also a great chance for students to ask any questions they might have and for the primary school to share information about the learning needs of the child.

Orientation Day

During this day, students will be allocated to their Home Groups and meet the other members of their new class. They will also meet some of their teachers and experience a day in the life of a Rosehill student. Students will undertake fun activities and lessons to assist them as they get to know their peers and the school environment.

Year 7 Induction Day (Day 1)

Before formal classes begin, our Year 7 students will join us for a shortened-day program to help them prepare them for the year ahead. During Induction Day, students will partake in various sessions with the overarching aim of the day being to help organise our Year 7 students with the various resources that they need to support them. This program aims to reduce the disruptions to lessons early in Term 1 and enable a smooth transition for our newest students. On Induction day our students are supported with the following: ICT set up, lock and locker distribution, get to know your home group activities, how to read the timetable, a tour of the school and a lesson on the school values. The day culminates with a BBQ for all parents, guardians, staff and year 7 students. This is a wonderful opportunity for all members of our school community to come together for some informal conversation and something to eat.

Parent Information evening (Term 1 of Year 7)

Students and parents are invited into the college for an information evening after the first few weeks of the school years have begun. General tips for a successful transition will be discussed, as well as information on cybersmart behaviours for students and how parents can effectively manage and support technology use in the home. We will share vital information about our welfare structure, vaccinations, school photos, the school values and answer any general enquiries.

Year 7 Transition Camp

Rosehill Secondary College has a comprehensive transition program to ensure a smooth and supportive move from primary to secondary school.  The three-day Year 7 Camp is held at the end of Term 1 and is a key part of this program.  It allows our newest students to build on existing relationships and form new relationships with the peers and staff; as well as establishing trust, a sense of belonging and developing students’ skills through a range of team building activities.  The Year 7 Camp is held at Forest Edge, Neerim South, at the foot of the Gippsland Ranges. Forest Edge is located at the end of its own river valley, where farmland meets mountains, cradled by State forest and the Latrobe River. Students participate in a wide range of recreational activities and outdoor pursuits such as raft-making, forest walks, high and low ropes, flying fox, mountain-boarding, and archery.

Peer Support

The process of transitioning into secondary schooling is a major and critical event for Year 7 students. In order to facilitate a smooth and stress-free entry into the college, the Peer Support Program is run for one period of each week during Term 1. Each Year 7 student is allocated to a Peer Support Group consisting of approximately 10-12 other Year 7 students. Each Peer Support Group is facilitated by three carefully trained Year 11 leaders who take the students through a highly structured, yet engaging, program in which orientation, ice-breaking and team-building activities are undertaken. They also work together as a group to complete a fun and creative project based around the school values. Year 11 students are trained in the delivery and implementation of the Peer Support Program. A rigorous selection process ensues, in which the most suitable and enthusiastic leaders are selected and matched with Year 7 groups. The Peer Support program is a rewarding program for both Year 7 and 11 students. Year 7 students regularly report that having an older mentor in the college makes their first term a much easier and more engaging experience.

 Designated Year 7 only area.

At Rosehill we recognise that starting at a new school can be daunting at first, especially when there are lots of older students. For this reason, we have a designated area that is restricted to Year 7 student use only. This space has been recently refurbished and includes many seating, play and safe spaces for our Year 7 students to interact and socialise with their peers. It is also adjacent to the main staffroom and within close proximity to their lockers and Year Level Coordinators.

Rosehill Secondary College is accredited under the Department of Education and Trainings CRICOS registration (CRICOS provider name and code: Department of Education and Training, 00861K).
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