Year 7 Transition

Getting To Know You EveningTuesday 15th September 2015

The evenings program is intended to provide parents and students with the opportunity to meet teachers and familiarise themselves with the operations of the college. The curriculum structure and course selection processes will be explained along with many of the college policies and procedures relevant to students future education.

After a meeting in the Library parents will be taken to a classroom with their child by a teacher, where they will complete the course selection process and any medical management details relating to anaphylaxis and asthma. Policies relating to uniform, welfare and discipline, diary use, bell times, timetabling etc will also be discussed. There will be an opportunity for parents to ask questions and make requests regarding class placement.

Parents will receive all the relevant information regarding this evening, fees, uniform, year level orientation camp and course selection etc after Monday 24th August.

Session 1       6pm finishing at approximately 7.15pm
Session 2       7pm finishing at approximately 8.15pm

The Year 7 Program aims to ensure that our students feel happy, secure and confident as they make the transition from primary to secondary education. An orientation camp, a supportive homeroom system, our Peer Support Program and caring staff are our keys to a successful transition. Parents and other visitors frequently comment on the warm and friendly atmosphere.

A range of opportunities to attend the college have been put into place for Year 6 students before they start at the college .

The Open Evening is designed to provide parents with an opportunity to visit the school. The evening consists of an information session followed by a tour of the school. Demonstration classes operate in most areas and parents and students are be able to further gain an insight into the workings of the college.

Year 6 students and their parents are encouraged to make personal visits to the school during operating hours. The visits will include a tour of the school with other students and are usually conducted by a transition team member.

“Get To Know You” Evening/Course Selection Evening

A getting to know you evening will be held late in Term 4 for Year 6 students and their parents.

During this evening students will attend sessions with a teacher and fellow students who are to attend the college in the following year. Getting to know you activities are organised for the students and they have the opportunity to ask further questions about the running of the college.

Parents will be able to discuss issues of interest with members of the teaching staff. Information regarding uniforms, an overview of the Year 7 curriculum program and welfare arrangements will all be addressed. There will be ample opportunity for informal discussion with the college teaching staff.

Course selection also occurs at this time and students and their parents will have the opportunity to discuss course selection before submitting their unit selections for the following year.

Orientation Day

During this day students will be allocated to their Home Groups and meet the other members of their class. They will also meet their Homeroom teacher and be issued with a Year 7 Orientation Handbook. They will undertake activities to assist them understand the timetable, the codes, finding rooms within the college and general information regarding the year level camp. There will be further opportunity for concerns and anxieties to be addressed.

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