ClickView Online


Using CLICKVIEW ONLINE enables you to browse, search and watch videos.

You will be required to: Enter in the details that have been assigned to you and click Sign In.


Teachers now have the ability to access all Clickview Exchange videos online, without having to download them locally. The ClickView Exchange tab can be found next to the My Library tab on the top navigation panel of CLICKVIEW ONLINE. This feature is not available to students.

ClickView also has the availablity for teachers to download into the school collection any class productions that they may have taped e.g: Media Studies, Languages, Performance Studies, Drama, Science.

Dance Cabaret performances from previous years are gradually being transferred to ClickView from DVDs. ClickView is a great way for staff to store and view anything they have produced themselves, giving staff and their students access via any computer. Please contact Mrs Beswick to access this service.


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