Immigration Museum and Carlton

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This year our year 11 and 12 Italian students visited the Immigration Museum in Flinders Street, Melbourne as part of their Detailed Study on Italian Immigration. The students investigated the reasons why Italians left Italy for a new life, experiences and difficulties migrants faced when they arrived and their contribution to Australia’s society and way of life in general. Students were surprised at how many Italians arrived, even in the 19th century and early 20th century to work on sugar cane plantations in Queensland, to look for gold, to set up vineyards, to work in the mining sector and on famous projects like the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme.

Our Year 12 student also conducted interviews with Italian migrants in our community. They discovered that although moving to a new country was difficult, many Italians felt they have been accepted as part of the wider community and that Australia has provided them with a wonderful new life.

After the Immigration Museum session and lunch at Brunetti in Lygon Street, Carlton, Year 11 students recorded role-plays and conversations at local venues, and produced a digital presentation/movie for their speaking SAC. Year 12 students rehearsed their conversations and topics learnt in class for the Oral Exam with Professor Bertoli.

Speaking of Brunetti, Rosehill Secondary College has a connection with the famous café. Giuseppe Santoro, the father of Giada Santoro in Year 10 at Rosehill, manages the venue.


Year 12 Italian students also attended workshops at Co.As.It in Faraday Street Carlton during the September holidays. They were able to get advice and practise Listening, Writing and Speaking tasks with other Year 12 students form the state. Good luck to all the Languages students for their Orals and end of year Written Exam.

Grazie e arrivederci!

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