Principal's Report


It’s been a very busy few weeks at Rosehill Secondary College as we head to the midpoint of this term. A focus on transition for 2024 has culminated in a successful Open Day and Open Evening. We plan for a maximum intake of 200 students as this allows us to run a comprehensive program for students and ensures we can cater for the broad range of capabilities and interests. We pride ourselves as a school that has a strong academic focus with many enrichment and enhancement programs that extend our high ability students but also provide exceptional opportunities for all students across all key learning areas with our unique tailored curriculum.

Our support work has also been significantly enhanced over the past few years with the introduction of MYLNS, the Tutor Learning Initiative (TLI) and our whole school literacy focus. This year we have also introduce a scaffolded numeracy program at Year 7 and preliminary results have been exceptionally pleasing. Having strong enrolments and a successful transition program enables us to continue to offer these diverse programs and opportunities.

Disability Inclusion Reform

The college has this year commenced the process of gaining a much more thorough understanding of Disability Inclusion. The new DET reform is a significant body of work that needs to be implemented over the next three years. This new strength-based model is supported with additional funding and resources.

Japanese Language

Recently, Mr Hayakawa was recognised for presenting to over 300 Japanese language teachers and displaying his expertise and knowledge to improve the delivery of Japanese across Victoria. We are very fortunate to have Mr Hayakawa provide such high-quality expertise to his colleagues and the education system. Well done Mr Hayakawa.

I also take this opportunity to remind our families that our Sister School Kogakkan High School will be visiting early next term. If you are interested in hosting a student at your home, please contact Mr Hayakawa at the college to discuss.

Performing Arts

Late last term, I announced the terrific news that two Rosehill students were successful in their bid to be part of the state school spectacular. I am pleased to announce that a third student, Brody Comito, will be part of the lighting crew. Well done, Brody!

Chess Club

This year we are fortunate to have a chess FIDE master, Dr Grant Szuveges, run chess workshops with our students every Friday lunchtime. These sessions commenced this term and have been very well attended. You will find further information in this edition of the newsletter.


All schools in the western region are reporting difficulties in sourcing emergency relief staff. The CRT agencies are reporting they do not have enough teachers to keep up with the demand, so I take this opportunity to remind the community that covid/flu/colds are more prevalent in this climate. We encourage all to wash hands regularly, wear a mask if unwell with a minor aliment, and to stay home if you suspect the flu or covid. The college has available RAT kits if required.

Unfortunately, this week we have had several staff absences due to covid and illness and we have had to cancel some sport excursions, some senior classes and other professional learning activities for staff. There is every likelihood that we may need to keep a year level at home in the coming weeks if we are unable to cover the day.

I also remind families that as we head into the winter months the college winter uniform is a requirement and when worn correctly with shirt, jumper and jacket, pants or school issued leggings it provides ample warmth and protection from the elements. Your support in these matters is greatly appreciated.

Homework Club – Wednesday

Due to unforeseen staffing changes, the homework club will move to a Wednesday afterschool as from this week. 2:30pm – 3:10pm for the remainder of this term.

Final Word………….

Due to the busy nature of work over the past few months I haven’t had a chance to read many novels, only policy documents. As you would be aware the school has a comprehensive reading program, and we encourage your children to read and to develop a love of reading. As discussed previously, the benefits are significant. The winter months are a great time to snuggle up with a book and immerse oneself in a different time and place. I will speak to our knowledgeable librarians for some recommended reading, and I encourage your children to do the same. I take this opportunity to welcome our new librarian, Emily Wright, who joined us earlier this term. Emily has instantly become a respected and valued member of our library team and will certainly provide some terrific reading recommendations.

Arthur Soumalias



School Policies have been updated in line with Department of Education and Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority requirements. Parents may review these on the school website Our School > Policies > Minimum Standards Compliance – June 2022.


Monday 22nd MaySchool Council Meeting

Annual General Meeting

Friday 2nd JuneYear 10 and Year 11 Exams
Monday 5th June - Thursday 8th JuneYear 10 and Year 11 Exams
Friday 9th JuneCorrections/Reports Day

Student Free Day

Monday 12th JuneKing's Birthday Holiday


Williamstown Excursion

The Year 7 students went to Williamstown on an excursion on 2nd May 2023. The focus of the unit was to explore and analyse what makes Williamstown a liveable place with reference to the Liveability Unit students undertake as part of the Year 7 Humanities curriculum.

The students had a great day, some light drizzle to begin with but turned out to be good weather over the day – the kids enjoyed a charter cruise along the Yarra River with lovely informational commentary by the Captain.

The teachers took them for ice cream, Fish and chips and Nando’s for lunch around the local shopping areas on Ferguson and Douglas Street.

They walked along the Nelson Place and enjoyed the lovely view of the yachts and the serene water while they completed their excursion workbooks.

Manvi Nirula


Junior School Attendance Awards

Charlotte EmondTora Lovelock
Ahmed LebdehIsla Thomas-Steeden
Arie ArthurOlivia Camilleri
Aneeka FordeGabriel Jacobs
Alexandra KardarasChloe Kennedy
Sam LonerganErol Palay
Salma ShekheldeenTanay Soni
Kaia Van Harmelen

Student Voice, Agency and Leadership

At Rosehill we encourage our students to engage with important issues that affect them as young people in 2023, to use their voice to advocate for change and for awareness of issues, and to take on leadership roles which will help them to set goals, and to action these goals to make a difference in their world.

Student Voice is more than students just ‘having a say’ and ‘being heard – it is about schools valuing the opinions of students, and acting on them to shape their learning and decision-making at school.

Student Agency gives students the power to direct and take responsibility for their learning – student agency is about creating independent and self-regulating learners.

Student Leadership is not about a badge or a title, although that’s nice. At Rosehill we believe that all students can develop leadership qualities, by modelling our school values, by showing responsibility, and by taking ownership of their learning, and their presence in the world.

Our student leaders however, do have an increased sense of responsibility to help others and to model leadership principles and our RIL values. So here is a snapshot of some of the ways that our student leaders promote our values of Respect, Initiative & Learning – and how they model leadership by planning, organising and participating in activities in our community.

Harmony Day

At Rosehill we always celebrate the wonderful diversity of our students, our families, our communities, and we always stand up against racial discrimination and intolerance.

This year we celebrated Harmony Day on 21st March with face painting, henna tattoos, and a pledge wall for students to show their support for our cultural diversity and an end to racial discrimination. The library also supported Harmony week with displays of books and flags that represent our rich multicultural heritage.

We are planning a whole-school multicultural day for Term 3 where we will invite staff and students to wear traditional dress and to celebrate and share their cultural traditions. We look forward to planning this event with our students and student leaders, and sharing this with our community.

#Everyone Belongs #Everyone Belongs #Everyone Belongs #Everyone Belongs #Everyone Belongs

Leadership Training Day

On 5th May we gathered our leaders from Years 7-10, and representatives from Year 11 with the goal of reflecting on what it means to be a leader, and what they hope to achieve as a leader. The goals of the day were:

  • To empower student leaders to take on more responsibilities within the College and within the local community.
  • To promote student agency through planning student-led initiatives that foster a sense of community within the college.
  • To ask ourselves how we will make a difference as leaders … leaving a legacy (something that you are remembered for).

We asked our student leaders to think about the footprints they want to leave at Rosehill:

What do you want your legacy to be at Rosehill?

What do you hope to achieve as a leader?

On 17th May we celebrated IDAHOBIT day - International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia and Transphobia, with an out-of-uniform day and a sausage sizzle. The motto of the day was go rainbow to make a world free from discrimination.

At Rosehill we are proud of our inclusive and diverse community, and we strive to make all students feel included, respected, and safe. On IDAHOBIT day we focused on our school value of Respect, and we are incredibly proud of the overwhelming support shown for our LGBTQIA+ community – well done Rosehill students – the world needs more empathy and kindness.

A big shout out to the amazing Ms Brooks who organised students to make our awesome ALLY badges with the laser cutter – and also, the sensational cupcakes that had the queues out the door, and were snapped up quickly. We were also lucky to have a parent bake and donate cupcakes – thanks to Allora Bennett’s Mum who also made cupcakes.

Thanks to Mr Pavlidis who was on BBQ duty, Ms O’Malley who coordinated our troop of teachers, Ms Kennedy who runs our Pride club, Ms Beswick who made sure we had halal sausages, and to all the amazing teachers who gave up their lunchtime to feed our students, and to show support for our LGBTQIA+ community. Our students are incredibly lucky to have such amazing teachers who consistently give up their time to support our students – thank you all so much 😊

To our LGBTQIA+ community – we stand with you, and we walk beside you to create a world free from discrimination.

Colleen Hart

Student Agency Leadership

Year 10 Interdisciplinary Studies

Rosehill Election

Finishing up the Interdisciplinary Studies Civics and Citizenship unit, the Year 10 students participated in an election produced by their contributions and efforts. Parties elected from each class continued to be voted by the whole year level. This experience gave insight for the students into becoming active citizens for future elections whether at a local, state, or federal level. We hope they continue to stay informed about issues that they’re passionate about, to make a difference to their community and Australia.

Congratulations to the party of 10A -Alex, Blake, Brendan, Demir, Nicholas and Thomas.

Guest Speakers - Reflections

Ms Naomi Wolfe, a Trawlwoolway woman, presented a speech on Monday and shared a valuable view on racism. One of her points was on the past mistreatment of Aboriginal people during the colonisation of Australia and this really resonated with me. Ms Wolfe said many people express their guilt for the abuse First Nation’s people were subjected to from previous generations, however, we should not feel conviction for the actions we could not control as we are not responsible for their suffering. Instead of feeling accountable for what has happened in the past, we should recognise the wrongdoing and make amends right now in the present and future. An example of this is an acknowledgment of country for the land we are standing on is rightfully Aboriginal tribes. Empathy and respect are two aspects people can show, rather than guilt, to properly address scenarios such as this and similar.

A heart-warming story the Hon. Bill Shorten also told during the presentation was of a local man who was a soldier in WW2. He was able to recognise and respect the lost lives he caused by writing a letter to the German cities affected. These cities have written back to him and thanked him for his actions. I think this story is a depiction of Ms Naomi Wolfe’s words, restoring faith in humanity, and acting as evidence to display the importance of being able to show compassion.

Delcine Li

In Week 2 of Term 2, Naomi came and visited our school. I was lucky enough to be seated right across from her. When she stood up to speak and spoke her ancestral language I was already intrigued, after all I am very passionate about linguistics. Then she began to speak about culture, I found it engaging and I think it was clear to see that she is a learned person who is highly educated in history and culture. I listened attentively to what she said and answered a few of her open questions. Her take on how we should feel about what happened to the aboriginals was very interesting to listen to.

Arianit Fazliu


One of our very talented Year 10 students, Josh Holtz has been selected in the Under 16 Australian Water Polo team.

The team will be travelling to New Zealand next month to compete.

We would like to wish Josh and Team all the very best.

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