College uniform is compulsory and must be worn in a correct and tidy manner at all times.
Parents are asked to support our policy in relation to college uniform as outlined.

All students are required to change from normal college uniform to sports uniform when they have Physical Education and Sport. All students must wear normal college uniform to and from school.

Rosehill Secondary College uniforms are now available through your local Lowes store or the Lowes Rosehill Secondary College Online Store.

Westfield Shopping Centre
Airport West
Phone: 9330 1943

VCE Uniform

The VCE uniform for boys and girls is the same as the Years 7 to 10 uniform, except that the distinctive navy blue jumper is specific to VCE/VCAL.

Jewellery & Piercings

No jewellery apart from watches may be worn. Students with pierced ears may only wear one small sleeper or stud in each ear. No facial or body piercing is permitted.


Extreme hair cuts and hair colour is unacceptable.

Makeup and Nail Polish

Makeup and nail-polish, if worn, must be discrete and 'natural'. Students may be required to remove nail-polish for Food Technology practical classes. Nails should be kept at a reasonable and safe length.


All footwear must be plain black leather/suede with plain black laces or straps and buckles. Slip-on, canvas and high top footwear is not permissible.

Socks & Tights

Students must wear plain, white socks or, if wearing the winter skirt, navy tights.

Dress & Skirt Length

The dress and skirt length is to be no more than 7 centimetres above the knee.


The College blazer or shower proof jacket cannot replace the College jumper and must not be worn without the College jumper (7-10/VCE/VCAL).

Hats & Scarves

The only hat to be worn is a black cap. The cap should only be worn during Terms 1 and 4 and at no times should it be worn inside the school buildings. A black or navy blue scarf may be worn during Terms 2 and 3. Beanies are not permitted.

General Appearance

Students should be neatly dressed at all times. Frayed and torn pants are not permitted. Additional clothing such as windcheaters, hoodies and coloured t-shirts are not permitted.

Winter uniform must be worn in Terms 2 and 3 with a four-week change over at the start of Term 2 & Term 4.