Rosehill has a supportive learning environment, with a strong emphasis on our school values Respect, Initiative and Learning. The College’s Welfare policy is based on the belief that “Students have a right to learn, Teachers have a right to teach.” To this end, we have developed our Rosehill Behaviour Matrix (RIL) that clearly outlines the expected behaviours of all members of our school community. The College has developed clear curriculum that teaches these expectations to our community.

Students, teachers and parents need to clearly know the rules and the consequences of not demonstrating these expected behaviours. In the first instance, it is important to re-teach our expected behaviours. It is also recognised that teachers have the right to set class rules which let them teach effectively and students have the right to work in an environment where they can learn. Teachers should have written classroom management plans and have the right to expect parents’ and the school leadership team’s support when implementing these plans. The College sees clear links between subject content, teaching styles and the way students behave. Good relationships between staff and students are helped if conflict and misunderstandings are avoided. Our established Reward and Recognition program supported by our RIL Shop enables staff to identify and reward positive behaviours exhibited by students both in and outside the classroom.

At Rosehill Secondary College we aim to encourage: Respect in both the classroom and non-classroom environments; Initiative where students are confident to accept challenges; and Learning where all students excel and reach beyond their expectations.

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