Principal's Report

As we approach mid-term and head towards winter, I can report that there are a number of positive activities happening at Rosehill each week. The ability to have guest speakers attend ‘live’ at our College and to be able to run excursions was sourly missed last year.

Over the past few weeks in addition to a significant number of excursions, we’ve had many guest speakers. Just recently Ben O’Toole from the Pat Cronin Foundation, spoke to our Year 10 students about the consequences for the victim and perpetrator of a coward’s punch. This thought provoking and emotional presentation left a significant impression on our students, that we hope helps them consider their behaviour and better mitigate such situations.

Success Integrated also presented to our Year 10 students regarding the idea of ‘shaping your future!’ This presentation is part of a series of workshops that the school runs with our senior cohorts to inspire and help them think about their pathways as well as instilling a mindset and skills to help them achieve their goals. Last week Year 8 students had the pleasure of meeting Will Kostakis, a local Australian author who spoke to our students about his experience growing up and how he has become a famous writer. He has published many books and gave away a number of freebies to students during his presentation. Many of the Year 8 students stayed behind after the session to chat with Will and shared their passion for reading and writing. Will Kostakis will be back this month to present again to more of our students. I constantly promote the benefits of reading, and having such wonderful guest speakers fuels the enthusiasm in our children, is terrific to see. Currently I’m reading a book called, ‘A More Beautiful Question’. What book are you reading now?

On Monday 3rd May our literacy expert, Terri Campbell spent the day with us visiting classes and observing and working with teachers and students on ‘fine tuning our reading conferences’. She spends her time working in many schools across Australia. It was so pleasing to hear how impressed Terri was with our reading culture. She was super excited with our staff and students and was full of praise for the work we are doing in literacy at Rosehill Secondary College.

Last week was NAPLAN week for our Year 7 and 9 students. At Rosehill we take our teaching and learning very seriously and acknowledge that NAPLAN is just one measure of how well students are progressing. As a College we find the data very useful, as it helps us triangulate student progress with other measures throughout the year. Therefore, we encourage our students to take the assessment seriously, but not to panic or stress in the lead up. I can report that our students were very well organised, on time and attended their NAPLAN testing session each day in a sensible and mature manner. Well done! Thank you to all the parents/guardians who encouraged their children to sit the assessments this year.

It’s transition time for Grade 6 students, so we have been very busy running tours each week. Ms Snow has done a tremendous job with the tours and it has been nice to see the Grade 6 children point and identify their friends from Primary school when walking past classrooms. Choosing a secondary school is a significant milestone and we feel there is no better way to get a sense of a school than to see it live. Positive feedback from parents on the tours on how respectful, polite and well-mannered they find our children is great to hear. This is testament to the RIL values we live each day. RESPECT, INITIATIVE and LEARNING.

Thank you to all the parents who attended the workshop on consent. It’s a key theme in our society today and certainly having the skills and knowledge to have the conversation is vitally important. This program is currently delivered at Year 10 by Elephant ED and they run similar age appropriate programs for younger levels.

Interim Reports are now ready and available for parents to access and view the progress for this Term. Remember to look for positives in each report but also have a discussion around areas for improvement. If you have any concerns please contact the relevant teacher or year level coordinator.

I’d like to congratulate a young man called Nathan D’Souza in Year 7, who entered the final of our chess completion as the overwhelming underdog. After a gruelling week of chess elimination, the tournament came to a showdown of the best two, Nathan against Khoa, of Year 10. Khoa had eliminated every opponent in quick fire succession and was almost guaranteed the win, but using his methodical and systematic approach, Nathan was able to prevail. He was named winner of the Rosehill Chess Tournament. Well done Nathan and better luck next time Khoa!

Finally, I have more great news for the Rosehill community. I can report that we have been successful in our application for the State Government’s Inclusive School Fund. We applied to have the external area adjacent to the library converted into an indoor/outdoor covered reading space with access to the library. This grant of $192,000 will help make this space more inclusive, accessible and further promote reading for our students.

Arthur Soumalias


College Calendar

Monday 21st June - Friday 25th June

Year 10 Work Experience

Friday 25th June

End of Term 2 - 2.30pm Finish

Term 3

Monday 12th July

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Wednesday 14th - Thursday 15th JulyHigh School Musical Performance
Monday 19th - Friday 23rd JulyYear 9 Morrisby Careers Meeting
Wednesday 21st - Friday 23rd JulyYear 12 Camp
Tuesday 27th JulyYears 9 - 11 Subject Selection Information Night
Wednesday 4th - Friday 6th AugustYear 11 Ski Camp


Reminder: Overdue library books from 2020 must be returned

Finalists with their prizes– a chess board, plus mini portable speaker

Congratulations to Nathan D’Souza, who was the winner of the

Rosehill Chess tournament 2021!

Competing over five days, contestants challenged each other in knock-out rounds, through to the grand final held on Friday. Runner up Khoa Bui performed exceptionally all week, including the final round- it was an absolute nail-biter!

Thank you to all who competed, displaying excellent sportsmanship, and the spectators who gathered and cheered on the players in a respectful and courteous manner. To those who showed interred in competing, we hope to see you sign up next year!

A reminder from the Principal Team


Please remember when using Sapphire Street as a pick up / drop off for your students to respect the road rules. Sapphire Street is a 40 zone.

Turning right out of Sapphire Street onto Rosehill Road is not allowed during peak times. This is clearly signed and has been put in place for the safety of the Rosehill Community and surrounding residents.


Please remember that students travelling to and from school by bus or train must have an in-credit MYKI card with them and must tap on for each journey. I have been contacted by our local Public Transport Officer about students failing to do this and the potential of a fine (over $80 for a child). I am certain that no parent will want to receive notification of a fine in the mail, so encourage you to discuss this with your child and ensure they are using their MYKI passes correctly.

Frances Snow

Assistant Principal

Pat Cronin Foundation

Year 10 students were very fortunate to have Ben from the Pat Cronin Foundation visit during an ID class. Ben is a coward punch survivor. Through both Pat's and his own stories, Ben taught us about the triggers and consequences of social violence, especially coward punch attacks. He helped to build our awareness about the devastating incidence and impact of coward punch attacks.

Ben empowered us to be more aware of the circumstances surrounding these horrific attacks and to collectively make such behaviour unacceptable. Ben gave a very powerful presentation. The pertinent and insightful questions asked by students showed how much of an impact Pat's and Ben's stories made.

Danielle Murray

Year 10 Interdisciplinary Studies Leader

Road to Zero VCAL Excursion

Year 11 VCAL students recently participated in the Road to Zero experience at the Melbourne Museum. Road to Zero is an educational program devised by the TAC, aimed at reducing road trauma in pre-learner/learner drivers. The program builds upon knowledge and awareness that will empower young road users into making safe decisions on the roads.

Our students participated in two sessions. The first was the Road to Zero Experience Space – a gallery showcasing the latest in multi-sensory interactive technologies. The second was a virtual reality physics experiment, exploring the relationships between speed and friction on a car stopping distances using touch-table and VR technology.

Hopefully the experience helped our students comprehend their vulnerability as road users and to act accordingly.

Ms Vicki Handris


Congratulations Mia Sazdoz

This is a courtesy email from Judo Victoria.

Congratulations to Mia Sazdov, Year 9 who has obtained a Gold medal in the Cadet Women age group at the recent JVI Autumn Competition 2 May 2021.

This is a great achievement and JVI is confident that she will continue to improve her judo skills.

Malcolm Slade
Judo Victoria

Judo Victoria is the home of Olympic and Commonwealth Games judo in Victoria


CSEF (Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund)

Parents/Caregivers who are eligible are able to submit an application form for CSEF for 2022. You can obtain an application via the Departments website or directly from the College. Any queries can be directed to the General Office.

Jacinta Catoggio


College Newsletter, Issue 5 - 18 May 2021