Principal's Report

A warm welcome to all our families, parents, and guardians for the 2023 school year. A special mention to all the new students who have commenced at Rosehill this year and to our Year 7s who have experienced a significant milestone in their educational journey in starting secondary school, congratulations! I look forward to working with our families in helping your child become a well-rounded citizen of the 21st century.

Rosehill not only offers a high-quality academic education, but we are a school that provides great support through all stages of adolescent development, complemented by wonderful extracurricular opportunities. Please encourage your child to take up such prospects to help make their time with us as beneficial as possible.

We welcome our new and returning staff and look forward to their contribution to education and our school community for many years to come.

We pass on our best wishes to staff who moved on at the end of 2022. We thank them for their contribution to our College and state government education and wish them all the best for 2023 and beyond.

A special mention to our Assistant Principal Kerry McKay who retired in January this year. We thank her for her enormous contribution to the college over four decades. Her impact on students and colleagues has been immeasurable. We wish her a long and healthy retirement.

Our School Vision

At Rosehill Secondary College the learner and learning outcomes are central.

Our students are inspired to achieve success through stimulating and positive learning environments, and innovative and diverse teaching strategies.

This is complemented by respect, co-operation and commitment by all members of the college community.

New skills, new knowledge and new understandings will give our learners the confidence to face the future.

Our Vision is underpinned by the college values: Respect, Initiative and Learning (RIL)

This year the focus for Term 1 is to establish and maintain great routines and habits for all students. Behaviours that encourage a calm, supportive and well organised approach to learning, and the re-enforcement of our RIL matrix is vital in helping embed these behaviours. I encourage parents to discuss this matrix at home and to reflect on the positive behaviours excepted at school. Your support with this work is very much appreciated. This information is also available in the college diary.

Key Personnel for 2023


Arthur Soumalias

Assistant Principal Senior School

Lena Hudson

Assistant Principal Middle School

Julian Connors

Assistant Principal Junior School

Frances Snow

Senior School Leader

Daniel Wallace

Middle School Leader

Alexander Vincent

Junior School Leader

Suzanne Riquelme

Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Melissa Chapman

Student Agency and Leadership

Colleen Hart

Timetabler and Operations

Ewan Campbell

English Leader

Sirocha Bruckard

Mathematics Leader

Andy Patch

Learning Specialist Instructional Leader and Data

Bradley Ross

Learning Specialist Literacy

Katarina Ivas

Learning Specialist Enhancement

Stephanie Wasif

Learning Specialist Learning Support

Sophie Bevinetto

Learning Specialist Science Leader

Ann Anderson

Heads of Faculty/Program Leaders

Head of Health and Physical Education

Gab Sarpa

Head of Humanities

Daniel Hagan

Head of Languages

Taka Hayakawa

Head of Performing Arts

Jane Geerling

Head of Technology

Annette Therik

Head of Visual Art

Heather Davies

Year 9 Interdisciplinary

Marissa Aquilina

Year 10 Interdisciplinary

Maria Viglione

Numeracy Coordinator

Vincent Murone

EAL Coordinator

Jane Geerling

Student Management Team

Senior School Leader

Daniel Wallace

Year 12 Coordinator

Melissa Bonett

Year 12 Assistant Coordinator

Cassandra LoGiudice

Year 11 Coordinator

Fiona Morabito

Year 11 Assistant Coordinator

Valerie Zivcic

Middle School Leader

Alexander Vincent

Year 10 Coordinator

Sonia Mortensen

Year 10 Assistant Coordinator

Caleb Kissick

Year 9 Coordinator

Bethany Allen

Year 9 Assistant Coordinator

Ling Billet

Junior School Leader

Suzanne Riquelme

Year 8 Coordinator

Suzanne Riquelme

Year 8 Assistant Coordinator

David Rose

Year 7 Coordinator

Ben Derks

Year 7 Assistant Coordinator

Janti Kumar

Strategic Plan 2022

Our new Strategic Plan 2022-2026 has the following key goals:

Goal 1 To maximise the learning growth of every student

Goal 2 Empower students to actively take responsibility and ownership of their learning and wellbeing

These goals align with the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO 2.0) and will be delivered each year by our Annual Implementation Plan (AIP). I will provide further details of The Key Improvement Strategies (KIS) in the AIP later this term.

School Council Elections

We have parent vacancies available for a two-year term. If your child is enrolled at the College, then you are eligible to stand for election as a parent member of Council (so long as the parent is not employed by DET at the College).

More information regarding the School Council elections is available in this edition of the newsletter.

Class of 2022

I also take this opportunity to congratulate the Year 12 class of 2022 on achieving exceptional results. Provided is a summary of Tertiary Offers.

26% RMIT

25% La Trobe University

22% Victoria University

7% The University of Melbourne

6% Monash University

5% Swinburne University

5% ACU

1% Deakin University

1% JMC Academy

1% Photography Studies College

1% Kangan Institute

We wish them all the best for the next phase of their educational journey.

Arthur Soumalias


School Council Elections


School Policies have been updated in line with Department of Education and Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority requirements. Parents may review these on the school website Our School > Policies > Minimum Standards Compliance – June 2022.


Wednesday 1st March

Year 7 Parent Information Event
Thursday 2nd MarchYear 12 Photos - Period 1

Class, Individual and Whole Cohort Photo

Year 7- 11 Catch Up

Individual Photos held in Period 2

Family Photos held at recess

Friday 3rd MarchWhole School Swimming Carnival


Year 12 Camp Phillip Island

On Wednesday 1st to Friday 3rd of February the Year 12 students attended the final school camp.

We visited Philip Island Adventure Resort where we participated in a variety of activities from flying foxes, giant swings, to canoeing, surfing and Zumba.

This camp is delivered purposefully as a study skills information camp as presented by various guest speakers, where we learnt useful study skills, exam preparation techniques and how to maintain optimal mental health over the course of the year.

It did not however stop our Year 12 cohort from enjoying the company of our peers and teachers in typical Victorian weather of rain and sunshine.

Our first night included the opportunity to see the penguins at the Penguin Parade, Phillip Island Nature Park and it was a highlight for many students.

The second night tested student and staff knowledge with a trivia night hosted by the school leaders.

The camp gave students a chance to turn off all devices and take in the grand surroundings of nature at its best, while getting to spend quality time with friends. Overall, creating special memories that the year 12s will always carry with them.

Madelynne Lyons and Zahlia Meroka


Community News


Students, parents, and teachers are all welcome to participate in a very important enhancement program of our college throughout 2023.

When: Tuesdays – a whole school tuition program in the library from 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm.

Students will be able to receive the assistance they require in the completion of their work each Tuesday afternoon consistently across the year.

Tuition will be commencing in Week 3 of Term 1 on Tuesday 7th February at 3.30 pm.

This enhancement and enrichment program has proven to be very successful in assisting students of all year levels in completing their homework and classwork. The improvement of literacy and numeracy skills has been an important priority for students attending, as well as the development of their study techniques in preparation for class assessments and exams.

Teachers from key learning areas and senior students who have volunteered their time and assistance, will be available to cater to student needs on a weekly basis. This program is easily accessible to students, has no cost incurred and is effective in improving study skills, results, and the confidence in students to work independently.

For further information regarding this enhancement program please contact Ms De Goederen on 9337 2488 or email:


English/Humanities Teacher