Principal's Report

We are now past the midpoint of this term.


The Year 12 exams have come and gone, and our Year 11 students have just completed their exams and are about to embark on a Year 11 into 12 orientation program that runs from Monday 20th November through to Wednesday 29th November. This orientation program is compulsory.

I also take this opportunity to congratulate all Year 12 students on their achievements this year and over the past 13 years of schooling. I look forward to farewelling them in person during the Year 12 Graduation Ceremony on Thursday 23rd November.

Year 10 exams start next week and then they too will have a brief Year 11 VCE orientation program which will conclude on Friday 1st December.

Year 9 exams for English, Science and Mathematics are also just around the corner and these provide an excellent opportunity to practice the serious business of sitting exams, developing appropriate study techniques and skills and, understanding the importance of working under pressure.

2024 course confirmation for students in Years 9, 8 and 7 will be confirmed in the coming weeks and these will be provided together with booklists when finalised.

Curriculum Day

I remind parents that Monday 27th November is a Curriculum Day, and all staff will be involved in whole school learning and professional development with the introduction of the Berry Street Education Model.


The capital works project has progressed well and looks amazing. The builders are ahead of schedule, and we are hoping to have partial handover of the new building at the end of this year, rather than at the end of Term 1 2024. I’ll keep you updated.

The ECA (Gymnasium) works are also progressing well despite some minor product delays. At this stage, the ECA toilets, showers and foyer will be ready for the start of 2024.


Staffing seems to be an issue in every industry, and education is certainly not immune. There has been much commentary in the press regarding the shortage of teachers. At this point in time, I am pleased to report that we are fully staffed for 2024 and continue to work exceptionally hard to ensure we have qualified staff teaching in their area of expertise.

School Values

I also take this opportunity to reiterate our school values of Respect Initiative and Learning (RIL). These values underpin our work and the moral purpose that we as educators undertake to ensure all students receive a high-quality education to help them become wonderful citizens of our community who are willing, and able to contribute positively to our world and society. This comes with responsibility and consequences for our actions, and we will continue to maintain our high standards of behaviour and expectations. I thank parents and guardians for your continued support in helping us maintain these values.

A final statement on reading…..

I cannot reiterate enough the benefit of reading a book every day. Not an electronic version. Encourage your children to read every day and to develop the love of reading. There is no better way than to model this behaviour - What are you reading? I have just started a new novel entitled The GOLDFINCH by Donna Tartt. So far, a very engaging and tragic story.

Arthur Soumalias



School Policies have been updated in line with Department of Education and Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority requirements. Parents may review these on the school website Our School > Policies > Minimum Standards Compliance – June 2022.


Monday 20th - Friday 24th NovemberYear 11 into Year 12 Orientation
Wednesday 22nd -Friday 24th NovemberYear 10 Exams
Monday 27th November

Curriculum Day - No Students required at school

School Council Meeting

Tuesday 28th - Wednesday 29th NovemberYear 11 into Year 12 Orientation
Thursday 30th November - Friday 1st NovemberYear 10 into Year 11 Orientation
Wednesday 6th DecemberGrade 6 Parent Evening


Williamstown Excursion

Our Year 7 cohort embarked on a fieldwork trip to Williamstown to analyse the factors that make Williamstown a liveable place. This exploration was aligned with the Liveability Unit as part of the Year 7 Humanities curriculum.

The students enjoyed the lovely weather with a chartered cruise along the Yarra River, accompanied by informative commentary from the captain. Once they had docked in Williamstown, the students were taken on a guided tour along Nelson Place and the local shopping areas on Ferguson and Douglas Street.

During their excursion, the students evaluated the cultural environment, housing, and various services and facilities available to local residents. They also examined the costs associated with purchasing a house and living in Williamstown.

Annabelle Ryan


Year 7 Humanites

The Year 7 students participated in ‘Mummifying your Mate’ activity for the Ancient Egypt unit in my Humanities class.

They had a fun time mummifying their classmates in toilet paper (read as resin-soaked linen), building canopic jars (used to store organs), scarab beetle amulets (symbol of renewal and rebirth), jewels, pharaoh face masks, etc.

At the same time as enjoying this very engaging activity, the students learnt a lot about the mummification process used in Ancient Egypt.

Manvi Nirula


Year 9 City Experience

From Tuesday 31st October to Friday 3rd November, the Year 9 cohort had their City Experience. Each day, students made their way into the city and participated in a range of excursions and activities.

These include visiting the Old Melbourne Gaol, The Botanical Gardens, NGV, Meltours and the Salvo's. Students also participated in an Amazing Race where they had to solve clues to go to different destinations around the CBD.

Students had time to explore the city in their small groups and visit certain landmarks as part of their formal assessment.

Teachers who attended were very impressed with the students' behaviour and we believe everyone gained a lot from this experience and enjoyed their time in the city.

Well done Year 9's.

Marissa Aquilina


ISP Excursion

On 8th November, our international students embarked on a thrilling educational adventure to Melbourne Museum and IMAX, immersing themselves in the rich cultural and scientific wonders that the vibrant city of Melbourne has to offer.

The day commenced with a buzz of anticipation as our students, accompanied by our dedicated staff, embarked on a journey of discovery through Melbourne Museum. The self-guided tour provided a personalized experience, allowing students to delve into areas of interest such as the Dinosaur Walk, Melbourne Story, Bugs Alive, and the captivating Forest Gallery. These exhibits not only showcased Australia's unique biodiversity but also allowed our students to interact and engage with the fascinating narratives presented.

Guided by their curiosity and interests, our students actively participated in this educational adventure, gaining first-hand knowledge about Australia's cultural heritage and the marvels of the natural world. The self-guided format empowered our students to navigate the exhibits at their own pace, fostering a sense of independence and ownership in their learning experience.

A heartfelt thank you goes to our international student team, Mr Conners and Mr Sarpa for their dedication and support in assisting this enriching excursion. Their commitment to creating meaningful experiences for the students is truly commendable.

As a member of the ISP team, I am delighted to witness the positive impact of such initiatives on the cultural integration of our international students. We look forward to more student-led adventures and immersive learning experiences in the future.

Nan Li


Year 11 Assembly

On Friday 10th November, the Year 11 cohort gathered for their penultimate assembly to prepare for their final Year 11 Examinations and Year 12 Orientation classes. We would like to thank our guest speaker Mr Trung Luu MP (Western Metropolitan Region). Mr Luu spoke to our students about the importance of education and the perseverance of never giving up in life. He discussed the concept of ‘failure'; that it is simply a concept we can reflect on to continue to move forward in life. We thank Mr Luu for attending and handing out awards to two of our Year 11 students - Rosha Milani (Academic Award) and Jamaica Gill (Endeavour Award). Congratulations!

We look forward to the next important phase for the Year 11 Cohort (Class of 2024) as they approach their final Year 11 Exams and prepare for a head start to Year 12 through the Orientation classes Monday 20th November - Wednesday 29th November.

We wish all students all the very best with their studies over the next few weeks.

Mrs Fiona Morabito


School Holiday Wellbeing Support