Principal's Report

Term 1

As we commence the term 1 holidays, I would like to wish you all a safe, happy and healthy term break. I also remind all students to take a few days off from schoolwork for a brain break. Then spend some time each day reviewing and revising the work undertaken to this point. This is particularly important for our VCE students.

The past 10 weeks have come and gone almost like a blur, so it’s a great time to stop and reflect on all that has been achieved. Celebrate successes and learn from opportunities. The parent student teacher interviews on Tuesday provided an occasion to do so. It was an ideal chance for parents and students to speak with their teacher and to take a moment to reflect on what has worked well and to perhaps put some strategies or structures in place to ensure continued improvement. My conversations with parents were overwhelmingly positive. Thank you for the positive feedback and support provided to our teachers and staff.

School Uniform

A reminder that the first three weeks of Term 2 is the winter uniform change over period. All students must be in winter unform by the end of Week 3 Term 2. Please ensure your children are prepared for the approaching cold weather and have the correct uniform items to keep them warm during the colder months.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones and air pods must remain in lockers during the school day. As per our Mobile Phone Policy, parents/guardians will need to collect these items from the administration office by the end of the school day, if confiscated. Should parents/guardians be unable to collect phones by after school, then they will be securely stored.


Rosehill Secondary College has strong tradition of regular attendance. I remind parents and guardians that children need to be at school every day unless genuinely ill.

It’s not okay to be away - Please contact the relevant student management team if you need support with school refusal. There is an expectation that all parents/guardians vigorously support the college attendance policy and actively discourage children from staying home unnecessarily.

Year 7 Camp

I was fortunate to attend the Year 7 camp in late March to Forest Edge which has a superb camp set up and I was suitably impressed with the group I helped supervise. They were supportive and encouraged each other on the high ropes course. During the evening activities I was pleasantly surprised with the number of Carlton supporters cheering on the Blues during their victory against the reigning premiers. As a Collingwood supporter, Mr Derks was not so pleased!

Term 2 Timetable

There will be some slight changes to the timetable in Term 2. This will involve room changes, some staffing changes, with staff retiring and taking leave, and a swap of Period 1 and 2 on Wednesdays. In addition, there seems to be a stalemate with the early bus arrivals on this day. In the short term we will make a slight adjustment to the end of the day. These extra few minutes will enable more children to catch the local buses. T he end of the day on Wednesday for Term 2 will be 2:25pm.

Performing Arts

In more exciting news, I am pleased to announce that both Zoe Brown of Year 10 and Eden Comito of Year 7 have been successful in their bid to be part of the state school spectacular. In fact, Zoe is a Principal Dancer and Zoe a Principal Vocalist. This is a tremendous feat, so on behalf of the school community we congratulate them both on this wonderful achievement and we look forward to supporting them on this journey throughout the year. Tickets are available in June and the show will be telecast in December. Be sure to watch out for it!!!


Finally, I want to acknowledge and thank our teaching and support staff. The success of our school is due to the commitment, hard work and passion of our staff. Teaching is a terrific profession, and our teachers and staff are brilliant at what they do. We have a moral obligation to develop young people into mature, tolerant, and well-rounded adults who will contribute positively to our society. Sometimes this requires tough love and tough decisions but ultimately, we are here to help guide your children and our students through this journey. We see this as a partnership and your support is much appreciated.

We are very fortunate to have had full complement of teachers this term, especially during the current teacher shortage. Many schools are not so lucky. Thank you for your continued support, kind words and understanding.

I also take this opportunity to wish Peter Furneaux all the best on his retirement. He has contributed to education for many years, joining Rosehill in 2007 from Footscray City Secondary College. We will miss the call of ‘GOOD MORNING’ and ‘Hoolly Dooly’ in the corridors of Rosehill.

Wishing everyone a safe, relaxing, and enjoyable term holidays. To all who celebrate, Happy Easter and Happy Eid al Fitr.

Arthur Soumalias



School Policies have been updated in line with Department of Education and Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority requirements. Parents may review these on the school website Our School > Policies > Minimum Standards Compliance – June 2022.


Monday 24th April

Term 2 Commences
Tuesday 25th AprilANZAC Day
Thursday 4th MayOpen Day

Year 12 Careers Expo

Tuesday 9th MayOpen Evening

Tours 4pm - 6pm

Principal's address 6.45pm

Students dismissed at 1.30pm



Ms Sullivan, Ms Singleton, Ms Hudson and Ms Davies attended the Top Designs Gala at Melbourne Museum.

Alex Jacobson’s Visual Communication Design work was selected by the panel for exhibit amongst only 15 VCD students from 2022.

It was a wonderful night celebrating Alex’s hard work, talent and dedication.

Congratulations Alex!

The Top Designs exhibition is open at Melbourne Museum until July 9th.

Further details, including a virtual tour are available here:

Sarah Sullivan


Language Exchange - 2nd Session with our Sister School

On 24th of March, 22 Year 10 students of Japanese participated in a language exchange session with students from our sister school, Kogakkan High School in Japan again. Students participated in a presentation session on ‘Meet’ to learn about the town Ise where our sister school is located. Students from both schools enjoyed the real time communication for approximately 35 minutes.

Here is some feedback from the session: “It was very very interesting, sugoi desu; “The topics that they discussed were really interesting”.

The college students were also impressed with Japanese students’ English skills and how polite they were. Students who participated in the session were Haroula BINDEVIS, Lucas CHECINSKI, Alazais DE LEON, Ela DOGRUYOL, Amy GOODALL, Hannah HA, Olivia KARANTONIS, Delcine LI, Hesanya NAMBAGODAGE, Iris PARRY, Anikan PEIRIS, Omer PETRO, Jasen RAMIENTAS, Ethan ROBERTS, Brendan RUTLEDGE, Kabir SHAH, Sam SONSON, Justin STEELE, Aryanna THAKKAR, Aimon TRAN, Blake WRIGHT and Dewi YASA.



Debating News

This term, our Year 11 student debating team participated in two debates, where they competed at St Bernard’s College against neighbouring schools. Blake Fennell, Xyza Lyle and Evan McKenna Burke researched and presented on the following two topics:

  • There should be a maximum wage implemented, (negative side)
  • We should ban political donations, (negative side)

Although they didn’t win the debates, they have learnt a lot about debating, public speaking; and have improved their research and analytical skills. We are hoping to further improve next term, with secret topics on the agenda.

I am proud of their attempts and efforts to participate in debating.

Christina Georgiades


Medieval Day

Our Year 8 Humanities cohort participated in an engaging and fun filled incursion on the topic we have been studying in class: Medieval Times.

The day was divided into 4 activities which were rotated. By far all groups enjoyed the games component of the day.

The students played 3 different games. The first game required a blindfold, a soft “bat” and an enthusiastic audience. The next games required skills.

Students learnt about music, dancing and sword fighting. A number of volunteers wore the heavy armour and got ready for combat. While other volunteers were dressed as Nobles and peasants and learnt about the hierarchy in medieval society.

Ms Vicki Handris


Invitation to Host a Japanese Student

A group of students from our sister-school, Kogakkan High School, Japan, will visit Rosehill from Wednesday 26 July until Saturday 5 August 2023. We extend an invitation to host a student to all members of the College community. Homestay is an important part of the visit by the Japanese students and will allow the students to experience living with an Australian family as well as studying at an Australian school.

  • Japanese students are here to learn English so Japanese language skills are not required.
  • You do not need to study Japanese to host a Kogakkan student.
  • Host families will be paid $250 to contribute towards costs and weekend activities.
  • Japanese students do not need their own room; they can share with your child.
  • Weekend activities can be as simple as shopping with friends or watching your child’s sporting match on a Saturday.

Hosting is a rewarding experience for all involved and an opportunity to develop a life-long international friendship. If you are interested in hosting a student, please complete the Google form link here, by Tuesday March 29th.

If you require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanking you in anticipation of your assistance.

Nellie Harbourd Takanori Hayakawa


Community News

We will be running the below junior tennis Clinic:


Clinic 1
April Tennis Clinic!
Tuesday 11/4
Thursday 13/4
Friday 12/4

Clinic 2
April Tennis Clinics!
Monday 17th
Tuesday 18th
Thursday 20th April 2023

Option 1
9.30am to 11am

Option 2
9.30am to 12.30pm

North Park Tennis Club, Flemington Road Parkville.

If you want to enrol:

To confirm a spot please text or Email (Gabriel) the kids full names, ages, days and times you wish to take part in to:
Or 0418178328.