From the Principal

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students, I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy end of year break. On behalf of all the staff at Rosehill Secondary College we thank you for your support and commitment to the College during this extraordinary year and look forward to 2021 being a positive year.

We wish our Year 12 students the best of luck when results are released on 30th December, and just a reminder that key personnel will be available at the College to support the Year 12 students with course preference changes should they be required.

It was wonderful to see our Year 12 students attend their graduation ceremony last week.

All students looked spectacular dressed in their best. It was a proud moment and bookend for the students, teachers and parents to celebrate 13 years of schooling, especially after such a year.

The awards assembly was also a little different this year. Earlier this week we were able to run the assembly in two parts – senior and junior school. Unfortunately, parents were not able to attend but similar to the Year 12 graduation the event was recorded and photos were taken for each and every recipient present on the day. A big congratulations to all students who received an award - well done! Your resilience and commitment to academic excellence is to be celebrated.

I would like to mention that the effort required to run such events this year was tremendous. Ms Morabito and Ms Singleton put in hours of work to make the school Gym and the Year 12 VCE Centre look almost as good as the San Remo Ballroom. The organisation and clockwork timing of the Awards assemblies was also something to behold so thank you to Gladys Mora for running the show and to Brooke Gualtieri, David Copping, Stephanie Wasif, Laura McGuire, Maree Kelly and Ges Vella for your help throughout the day.

To the families of Year 12 students and all other families who are leaving Rosehill we wish you the best of luck on your new adventure. Keep up the hard work and success will follow.

We recently had Ben Carroll come to the school and take a tour of the new STEM centre which will be ready for use next year. Ben has been a significant supporter of the College and education in the local area and we thank Ben for his continued contribution to providing the best possible education for our families.

I would also like to take this opportunity to Congratulate the incoming senior school leadership team. Well done to Emily Baker and Nikala Bervanakis the new School Captains for 2021, and to Cooper Witts and Nicholas Murcott as the Vice Captains. Thank you to Riley Callick and Stephanie Page for your work during 2020.

We have a number of staff either retiring or moving on to new positions next year so we take a moment to wish them all the very best for the next chapter in their journey.

  • Ms Benson
  • Mr Freedman
  • Mr McConnell
  • Ms Connoley
  • Ms Sikalias
  • Ms de Haan

I would also like to thank Ms Humphrey and Ms Sacco for filling in during the second semester for staff on leave. They have done a wonderful job during their short time at Rosehill.

A number of new staff will join us next year so we welcome, Mr Hao, Ms Burgin, Ms Kumar (back again), Ms De La Paz and a number of tutors who will join us to support our students as part of DET’s catch up policy.

Finally, the summer break is now upon us and it’s a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends and to recharge for the year ahead. Stay safe and healthy and make sure you encourage your child to read their novels. Read them, read them ALL!

Warm wishes,

Arthur Soumalias

School Calendar

Term 4
Tuesday 15th - Thursday 17th DecemberYears 7 - 9 Activities Week
Thursday 17th DecemberLast Day of Activities
Term 1, 2021
Thursday 28th January 2021Years 7, 11 and 12 return
Friday 29th January 2021Year 8 return
Monday 1st February 2021Years 9 and 10 return
Thursday 4th February 2021Photo Day

Year 8 & 9 Dance

The Year 8 & 9 Dance classes this semester learnt two dances each (one during remote learning via Loom and the other onsite)

The Year 8 & 9 Dance classes this semester learnt two dances each (one during remote learning via Loom and the other onsite). In just a few weeks, they brought it together and performed it in the ECA last Friday.

Congratulations to these students for working so well this semester!

Year 9 Computer Programming

Four students from the Year 9 Computer Programming class competed in the Victorian Coding Challenge

This semester, four students from the Year 9 Computer Programming class competed in the Victorian Coding Challenge which was run by the Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV), in collaboration with Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria (DLTV).

David Angeloski, Uday Singh, Daniel Posenjak and Hung Vy Nyguyen competed in the 2-stage coding challenge, aimed at extending curious minds, nurturing passions and supporting students in refining their coding skills.

Students developed skills in and used Pythan programming to create solutions to real life problems using coding.

Well Done!

Year 9 Graduation

Year 12 Graduation - Junior and Senior Awards

Videos for the Senior and Junior Awards Ceremonies and the Year 12 Graduation Ceremony will be available to view and download from 12.00pm Friday 18th December.

Please read the instructions below:

How to access videos of the 2020 Junior and Senior Awards and Year 12 Graduation Ceremonies

  1. Students will need to login to Google’s home page using their school (rosehillsc) email account.
  2. Then go to Google drive

(Click the 9 dot square icon at the top right of the Google home page and select the Drive icon)

  1. Click on the “Shared Drives” icon on the left side of the Google Drive page.
  2. Click the Icon with the text Rosehill File Share.
  3. You will see folders containing the Awards and Graduation media.

How is the material organised?

Each folder contains a number of separate videos that cover all of the events in each ceremony. This is to allow you to target the particular segments of interest to you. For example, the graduation folder has separate videos for each home group. The Awards ceremonies are split into junior and senior and then into year levels.

In the awards folder there are also videos of dance and musical performances that would normally have taken place during the ceremony but were recorded separately this year.

Who do I contact if I need assistance?

If there are any concerns or questions, please contact David Copping ( He will respond on the same day that messages are sent up until Wednesday 23rd December and then as soon as possible after 31st January. Please include your phone number and a time to contact you as this will make addressing issues or questions that are more complex easier to address.

High School Musical

Auditions for High School Musical have been held and casting has been finalised. Thank you to everyone who auditioned – we certainly have a lot of potential!

Unfortunately a lot of worthy students missed out on a place in the main cast - don’t worry, there will be many other opportunities to participate in the musical.

Congratulations to the main cast:

Troy – Elle White

Chad – Nick Murcott

Zeke – Jade Nguyen

Ryan – Mia White

Ripper – Cillian McKenna

Coach Bolton – Paige George

Gabrielle – Emily Baker

Sharpay – Mia Coombes

Taylor – Taylor Needoo

Kelsie – Tori Foster

Martha – Jasmine Moverly-Bonne

Mrs Darbus – Hannah Pharye

Ms Tenny – Erica Papadogianni

Jack Scott – Hugo Bliss

2021 is shaping up to be a huge year of catch ups on things we missed out on in 2020. We can't wait to bring you a production next year that can be enjoyed by all.

This year has been tough for everyone but our Performing Arts students have continued through and have learned acting, dance, music and stagecraft - sometimes outside! Well done to all of our students for following the Covid-safe rules and performing in masks!

Here are some pictures from Year 7 Performance Studies who have been working on scenes from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and of the Music students who performed a showcase for the visiting Grade 6 students on transition day.

Student Exhibition

Art and design works by students from Rosehill Secondary College have been selected for display in the annual VCE student exhibition at Incinerator Gallery.

Fireworks 2020 exhibition is the accomplishments of high achieving art and design students in Years 11 and 12 who live, work or study in Moonee Valley. This exhibition is shown both at Incinerator Gallery and online from Tuesday 8th December and provides a platform for our young creatives to share their works with the greater community and to encourage their ongoing ingenuity.

We have some very talented students' artwork accepted into the Fireworks Exhibition at the Incinerator Gallery in Aberfeldie once again this year. Congratulations to the following artists:

AlanaShrubshallYr 12ArtA Piece of the Puzzle
AnastaciaCallejaYr 11ArtTrepidation Personified
DenizCavdarYr 11ArtRed Biome
GillianPoparisutYr 11ArtStill Human
HayleyOldfieldYr 12DesignJordyn Mitchell Stationery and Corporate Identity
KaylaMurrayYr 12ArtReflection

This eighth Fireworks exhibition and awards presentation provides an opportunity to celebrate the achievements and resilience of students working towards completion of their VCE during this challenging year.

Fireworks will be opening at the Incinerator Gallery from Tuesday 8th December until Sunday 17th January, 2021. Opening hours are from 11am to 4pm, Tuesday to Sunday. Visitors are asked to wear masks, check in and abide by current government health advice.

Congratulations Emily Baker

Emily Baker and her star performance with the Victorian State School Spectacular was televised on Channel 7.

Emily Baker and her star performance with the Victorian State School Spectacular was televised on Saturday 5th December at 7pm on Channel 7.

Below is a link to the promo (on facebook) in which Emily has a feature in too - I have also attached a photo. Emily is super excited to be able to share this with our school community!

We are proud of Emily and all of her efforts and determination this year as a principal vocalist.

2021 Diary

Diaries are a compulsory part of the student learning resources. Being organised is essential for success in your child’s schooling, so thank you to those who have purchased the diary for 2021. The diaries will be distributed on the first day of the student’s induction next year.

Payments can be made up until midnight Thursday 17th December on Compass – events/upcoming events/scroll down to 2021 diary.


New look school reports for Rosehill Secondary College

This semester, parents, guardians and students will notice a new look to students’ school reports as we transition from the previously used reporting software to Compass reporting and move to a system of continuous online reporting for Years 7 to 10.

What does continuous online reporting look like?

Many schools have now moved to continuous online reporting as a means of providing parents and students with ‘real time’ assessment information and feedback that will form the basis of the final academic semester report. This semester, Rosehill will adopt this model of reporting for Years 7 to 10. In each of your child’s subjects, you will notice Learning Tasks titled ‘Summative Assessment Task’ appearing. These tasks, easily identified by the accompanying flag symbol (indicating ‘this Learning Task has been flagged as important’), represent the major assessment tasks students will complete. The grade, comment and suggestions for improvement (where appropriate) that are entered onto Compass against each flagged Summative Assessment Task will also appear on student's Semester 2 academic report. The value of this assessment and reporting model is that it provides students and parents with timely information on achievement and progress.

What about Learning Tasks that do not carry the flag symbol?

A quick check of the Year 7-10 child’s Compass platform will show parents that not all Learning Tasks listed are titled ‘Summative Assessment Tasks’. These ‘unflagged’ tasks may be considered as the very important ‘stepping-stones’ towards developing and demonstrating the expected level of understanding in any given unit of work. They are important and not optional; however, unlike Summative Assessment Tasks, they do not appear as standalone items on the final semester report.

Will all Year 7-10 Summative Assessment Tasks include a comment and suggestions for improvement?

As we transition to this new reporting model, teachers will be providing a grade for all Summative Assessment Tasks. Comments and suggestions for improvement will be provided for all Summative Assessment Tasks other than unit tests.

What about Year 11 and 12 semester reports?

In this, our transition year, continuous online reporting will be introduced at Years 7 to 10. Year 11 and 12 reporting will continue in the same way as in previous years, notwithstanding that formatting may look a little different due to the move to a Compass platform. Teachers will continue to place Learning Tasks on Compass where Year 11 and 12 students and parents may view results and teacher feedback as they currently do.

Road Safety

Road Safety

Just a reminder to parents that Sapphire Street is a 40 km zone at all times. Please be mindful of this when dropping off and picking students up from the 'drop off' zone as there are many students who are crossing the road at these peak times.

Rosehill Secondary College Newsletter - Issue 13 - 17 Dec 2020